My computer notes


This is an outdated page for some of my C++Builder utilities including a set of fractal images, most of which were created using the fractal program listed under the CBuilder link.

I have also added a few images I have made with Terragen using the MOLA data.

My trusty HP200LX finally bit the dust after 10 years of service. Since neither Palm computers nor Pocket PCs seemed like good replacements for my 200LX, I finally decided to buy a Sharp Zaurus 6000L from Amazon. The Zaurus is based on Linux and is a palm computer rather than just a PDA. It offered all the usual PDA essentials such as a calendar, phonebook, notepad etc. No database programs are available out of the box however MySQL, Portabase (freeware) & tkcCard are available. In addition several programming languages are supported i.e. bash, Perl, java, c++ allowing onboard program development. A variety of open source programs for Linux can be compiled to run on the Zaurus. As a bonus all the Linux network related programs such as ssh, scp, kismet, web server etc. are available.

Currently I have purchased a second hand C860 on Ebay and have installed Cacko 1.23. I prefer the clamshell design compared to small keyboard of the the 6000L. My only gripe is that there are 3 bad blocks in the flash memory when I did a flash memory check using the service menus. Since repairing it will cost more than replacing the unit it might be time to upgrade again. Aside from a variety of error messages during the boot process I have not noticed any other problems yet.