[Datex Comm.gif] Datex Collects serial data from a Datex AS3 - used in conjunction with Rapid Record made by Michael Abajian. This program is functional but still has a few bugs. :( . Will fix it as soon as I get a gap.
[Datex Simm.gif] Datex Simulates a Datex AS3 - this requires a raw binary data file produced by an AS3
[Fractal.gif] Yet another fractal program - most of the images were done using this program
[HTMLTools1.1g.gif] This is the older version with cascading style sheets & JAVA functions.
[HTMLTools1.3.gif] This is the current version.with cascading style sheets & JAVA functions. Console program to convert a vcard file into a csv file.
Use: vc2csv filename
Note: a vcf extension is added by the program

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